Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

At 5th April 2017


Employers with 250 or more employees are now legally required to publish, on an annual basis, certain information relating to their gender pay gap.  This statement sets out the relevant information for Nisa Retail Ltd, as at the snapshot date of 5th April 2017.

The gender pay gap

This is the difference between the average pay of men and women, expressed as a percentage.  The gender pay gap is different from equal pay.  Equal pay is concerned with pay differences between men and women who carry out the same jobs, similar jobs or work of equal value.  It is unlawful to pay people unequally because they are a man or a woman. 

Nationally, the gender pay gap has persisted for many years – while the gap has been closing, overall progress has been slow and the Government has introduced these new reporting requirements to try to improve the rate of progress in closing this pay gap.


Established in 1977, Nisa is an award-winning group that helps independent retailers flourish in the retail market by distributing quality and competitive food and products at scale.  With a turnover of more than £1.2 billion and employing approximately 300 direct employees primarily based at our Partner Support Centre in North Lincolnshire, Nisa’s retail strategy is to deliver benefits for more than 1,300 independent retailers (operating more than 6,300 stores nationwide) and help them grow their business in an increasingly competitive convenience retail sector with a full support structure. 

In November 2017, Nisa members voted to sell their shares to the Co-Op.  This deal is subject to CMA (Competition & Markets Authority) approval, but brings the potential of an exciting year ahead.

Equality & Diversity

Nisa Retail Ltd aims to be a fair and progressive employer, and is committed to tackling inequality and promoting diversity. 

Pay & Reward

Our pay arrangements aim to fairly reward staff contribution and performance, taking into account economic and financial considerations, organisational and individual performance and the pay rates of similar roles in the wider economy and local demographic.

Our gender pay gap numbers

Quartile Pay Bands:

We have identified our overall pay range, divided this into equally sized quartiles and populated these with the number of men and women employees in each quartile.

Gender Pay Gap:

This figure shows the difference between the median (mid-point) hourly rate of pay of male and female employees in the relevant pay period, and the difference between the mean (average) hourly rate of pay of male and female employees in the relevant pay period, both as a percentage.

Gender Bonus Gap:

This figure shows the difference between the median (mid-point) bonus pay of male and female employees in the relevant bonus period, and the difference between the mean (average) bonus pay of male and female employees in the relevant bonus period, both as a percentage.

Bonus Pay:

These figures show the proportions of male and female employees who received bonus pay during the relevant period.


Our approach to employee reward is gender neutral by design.  We are therefore confident that any gaps between male and female pay and bonus are driven primarily by the structure of our workforce. 

We have more men in senior roles and these command higher levels of both pay and bonus potential. We do promote equality in all areas of recruitment and retention, and provide extensive family friendly policies to strengthen our employee’s work-life balance.

We are nevertheless committed to reducing our pay gaps and will:

- Continue to monitor our pay and bonus procedures and practice to ensure that they are applied fairly and equitably.

- Monitor the outcomes of decisions in relation to pay and bonus to ensure no gender bias is occurring.

- Positively seek to try to attract more female candidates for roles in which they currently are under-represented.

- Continue to provide a workplace environment that enables women to advance and encourages progression and career development opportunities.


I confirm that the information set out in Nisa’s pay gap data is accurate and is collated in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.


Chief Executive Officer

Published: March 2018
Contact: hr@nisaretail for any follow-up questions or information.

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