He came. He saw. He bought the store!

An ambitious Gloucestershire retailer was so impressed with the new Evolution format store on display at Nisa’s annual exhibition at Stoneleigh this year that he bought it there and then.

Kodeeswaran Subramaniam attended the show in April having recently signed up as a member with Nisa. He and business manager Adam Stone had their own shared vision of how they wanted their store to look and when they walked into the Stoneleigh store they found exactly what they had been searching for.

The pair was so struck with the new Store of the Future 2 Evolution format that Kodi asked to buy it; lock, stock and barrel.

Business manager Adam, said: “We had looked at many stores trying to find what we were looking for and took little ideas from them all. But when we saw the Stoneleigh store it was exactly what we had envisioned. It was upmarket and had the look and feel we were searching for.”

All the fixtures and fittings, from the cigarette gantry to the ice cream freezer to the instore signage, were dismantled at the close of the exhibition and installed in the retail unit in Gloucester and the retail pair are delighted with the finished product.

Kodeeswaran said: “It looks great and is everything I hoped for. It’s smart and upmarket and our customers are impressed.”

Head of format and development at Nisa, Darren May said: “The concept of the Evolution format store at Stoneleigh was to showcase to our members, prospects, suppliers and other visitors just how flexible it is.

“With the Evolution format retailers can introduce the elements they feel best fit their shop, rather than having to invest in the whole concept.

“We recognise the ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t suit all retailers; the pressures on their businesses are too great and so by developing this modular approach, it’s more of a mix and match. The retailer knows what they want to focus on and we’ll help them develop that part of their business.

  “Seeing our Evolution concept fully operational in Gloucester is fantastic and I’m delighted customers like it as much as we do.”

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