It’s a Family Affair

Opening your first shop and entering the world of convenience retailing might seem like a pretty big challenge for some, but how about doing it whilst waiting for the birth of triplets?

That’s just what Murat Mercoglu did in Woodthorpe, on the outskirts of Nottingham.

Having spent several years planning the purchase, researching and finding ideal premises, the ambitious entrepreneur says whilst the timing wasn’t perfect, the shop he has just opened will be.

“This has been a few years in the planning. I did a lot of research, looked at the location here and decided this was the shop for me.

“My wife wanted another baby. We had a son and she also wanted a daughter. So we agreed to go for a second. When we had the scan and there were three babies my wife cried for two days!

“It’s going to be pretty stressful but I’m really positive about the store. In the weeks before we opened we had lots of people coming up to see when we were starting to trade.”

Situated in the centre of a densely populated area, with no other grocery stores nearby, the location is ideal and promises a high footfall.

And Murat is making use of the bus route that runs directly past his store with an advertising banner posted on the side of the bus, ensuring everyone in the area knows he is open.

Originally intended as an independent fascia Murat says after much consideration he knew it wouldn’t be the right decision.

“I realised this store needed to be a symbol store and Nisa was exactly what I was looking for. Nisa is where I knew I’d get my best deal and so here we are today.”

And though it is still early days, the store is trading well after opening for business at the end of July and Murat is also now the proud father of three healthy baby girls.

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